Monday, January 5, 2009


After clicking "refresh" several dozen times over the past week, grades for the Fall 2008 semester have been posted.

My most difficult course resulted in a "B," which is not altogether surprising. I know what my Theory professor expects now (I knew it then but I was honestly incredibly intimidated by the coursework and I did not give it the time it deserved), and as I take Contemporary Theory next semester from the same Professor (Professor James Dean that is, no shit) I expect nothing less than top tier work from myself. My cumulative GPA is now a 2.389 (yes, it truly is) and if I am fortunate, I can have my lesser courses (of which there are many) dropped from my transcripts to better reflect the student I am today, and not the one from eight years ago. Either way, a 3.75 means this kid is on the Dean's List for Fall 2008, and that my friends is righteous.

In other righteous news, the property management company that oversees my soon-to-be-foreclosed property happens to have an identical unit to mine less than a block away available for rental at the end of this month. If the planets line up just so, I may have to simply roll my possessions down the road, and I will already know exactly where they are supposed to go. As my father would say, "Fucking 'A Josh. Fucking A." Err... maybe he doesn't say that, but he should. Because that would be righteous.

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Julie said...

Congratulations. You rock.