Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tennesee, Not What I Thought

Northeastern Tennessee looks about like this...

A little hilly, a few trees, countless barns (I didn't feel like counting), some power lines... what else... nothing really.

These are pretty popular. Even in the middle of nowhere (actually it's in a town called Gray, but don't get me started on whether or not Gray could be considered a town) they build these enormous structures as a monument to the lack of quality food in this part of the country.

And the reason for my visit to this culinary delight of a region of a State I've always wanted to visit? Harry and Shelley, with Harry standing on the right in his lovely kitchen, and to his left, not Shelley, but rather my father, whose trip overlapped with my own.

As Dad and his sister Linda readied themselves to depart back to Atlanta, Harry deftly explains that Georgia is "that way."

Aaahhhh... how often does this happen? Not often enough.

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